Pssst - those aren't my legs. But she looks like she's having fun. Maybe that could be you on your weekend in Paris!

Hi beautiful! I'm going to take a few wild guesses on why you landed here today. Let me see how good my (non-creepy) mind-reading skills are. 

You're here because...

  • You're COMMITTED to finally following YOUR passion and living your purpose and potential.
  • You have a BEAUTIFUL DESIRE to contribute to your family's needs, desires, and monthly income. 
  • And you are BEYOND ready to start receiving fantastic money - the kind that allows you to choose where you live (and travel!), gives you plenty of time with your cute family, and that lets you have FUN. I'm talking facials, movie nights with your kids, and weekend trips to Paris.

Oh yeah, it can happen.

But right now, it feels out of reach. I get it!

Maybe you have fears, beliefs, or blocks getting in your way. Maybe you have a dysfunctional relationship with money that goes way back through your childhood (and was possibly even inherited from your parents). Maybe you feel like you don't know enough, aren't outgoing enough, or aren't worthy enough. (Allow me to let you in on a little secret...YOU ARE!)


Well, here's the good news:

You can HEAL your relationship with money. You can create abundance, playfulness, femininity, and excitement in your life.

AND it can be easier than you'd ever believe.


I’m Shirsten Shirts, a Money Mindset Coach and Mentor for ambitious Female Entrepreneurs ready to transform their money and self-worth stories and start creating real ABUNDANCE in their lives and businesses.

I'm here to tell you that you ABSOLUTELY have what it takes to create the money you desire. To live a truly abundant life. To tap into your beautiful, playful, and WISE feminine intuition. And to be guided toward incredible success, opportunities, and connections.


If you’re ready to:

  • Blast through your money blocks
  • Step into your feminine energy and intuition
  • Reconnect with your TRUE self - that playful, carefree girl who believed that anything was possible
  • Explode your business and constantly be surprised by the new and EXCITING opportunities you create for yourself
  • Transform your limiting beliefs into an empowering mindset that gets you BIG results FAST
  • Build your love and connection
  • Clear past emotional and energetic baggage keeping you STUCK and in pain
  • Get crystal clear on your deepest core desires so you can make them a reality NOW
  • Start creating and receiving more than enough money for your wants AND needs

I’m your girl.


Let’s design your big, bold, BEAUTIFUL life.

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