5 ways to Raise Your Vibration Using Essential Oils + 2 rituals I use with clients

Did you know that every essential oil has an emotion associated with it?


It's true. These little babies can support us in healing physically AND emotionally. That's why I love 'em so much.

For example:

  • Clove is the Oil of Boundaries. It supports in helping people let go of victim mentality.*
  • Lavender is the Oil of Communication. It aids verbal expression and calms the insecurities that are felt when we risk our true thoughts and feelings.*
  • Thyme is the Oil of Releasing and Forgiving. It cleanses trapped feelings that have been buried for a long time.*

*Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing

How cool is that?

So a while ago I decided to see how I could align essential oils with my work in helping women create abundance in their lives. And I realized, if essential oils can help cleanse us emotionally, they can totally raise our vibration (cuz that's what releasing our baggage and emotions does!).

But the question remained, HOW can we specifically use essential oils to raise our vibration?

Well, this post and ebook is here to answer that very question.


1 | Use oils to create calm & peace

Calm & peace are 2 powerful emotions. They allow us to create space to listen to our divine intuitions and messages from the Universe. And that's a pretty invaluable thing.

So I love using calming oils to help me connect to my intuition and release any anxiety creating distractions in my body or mind.

Here are 2 oils to help you do that:

  1. Lavender: Excellent for promoting open communication (with your intuition and the Universe, as well as other people) and emotional honesty.
  2. Ylang Ylang: Excellent for promoting intuitive actions and freedom.


2 | Use oils to create joy & excitement

Joy and excitement are positive feelings that RAISE YOUR VIBRATION. Pretty direct. Like attracts like. So if you're feeling negative and crumby, you'll attract crumby, negative experiences, people, and opportunities.

INSTEAD, attract exciting and joyful opportunities! That's what I love using joyful oils for.

Here are 2 oils to help you do that:

  1. Melissa: Excellent for promoting spiritual connection and joy in living.
  2. Tangerine: Excellent for promoting fun and creativity.


3 | Use oils to release & forgive

If you know me at all, you know releasing is my thang. I can't get enough of it. And I promote it like CRAAAZY.

Releasing our built up emotional baggage FREES us and OPENS us to creativity, joy, opportunities, and abundance. Sounds pretty great, right?

And if oils can help those emotions release? Go for it. That's what I do.

Here are 2 oils to help you do that:

  1. Geranium: Excellent for promoting emotional healing and forgiveness.
  2. Thyme: Excellent for promoting emotional release and an open heart.


4 | Use oils to create focus & clarity

Focus and clarity not only help us take action, but they help us take INSPIRED action. There's a big difference than hustling for the sake of hustling and hustling in a guided and effective way.

So I love getting in tune with my intuition (see tip #1) then getting focused and TAKING INSPIRED ACTION.

Here are 2 oils to help you do that:

  1. Clary Sage: Excellent for promoting imagination and open-mindedness.
  2. Wintergreen: Excellent for promoting surrender and inner strength.


5 | Use oils to create strength & motivation

Strength is the bomb. It's the opposite of fear, which keeps us stuck and small. And motivation moves us forward. Yes, please!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I'm just feeling down. I need a boost to help me get going. Something to highlight the inner strength I KNOW I have.

Here are 2 oils to help you do that:

  1. Frankincense: Excellent for promoting enlightenment and discernment.
  2. Juniper Berry: Excellent for promoting courage and self-awareness.


But before I finish, there's something else I wanted to share with you really quickly. They're rituals I use with clients. And they're my secret weapons.


Secret Weapon #1

For a while, I struggled to get motivated before it was time to get on the phone with clients. I knew I could help them. I knew I'd feel great by the end of our session, but I needed a boost. I needed a ritual to prepare my mind, body, and spirit for what was coming.

So I decided, what better than a candle, a prayer, and an essential oil?

Now, before each and every phone call with a client, I light my DW Home candle (right now it's Rose Quartz and I am in love with it), I say a prayer, and I put some Grounding blend on my wrists and take a big whiff.

I'm tellin' ya, this is where it's at. It's so simple, but it gets the job done. Grounding blend is my FAVORITE. It immediately grounds, relaxes, and focuses my body. I can't get enough of it.


Secret Weapon #2

When I work with clients, one of the coolest things I do is muscle test their body for which oil they're most in need of.

I have a book, Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing, that has a description of the emotional properties associated with each oil. So I'll test my client for which oil their body needs, and then read their description.

And let me tell you, it's always awesome. Every single time my client says something along these lines,

"Whoa! That is spot on! How did you know?"

I didn't! But their body did. If you want to get tested for YOUR oil, this is a bonus I include in my Heart-Wall Release.


So there you go. 5 ways to use essential oils to raise your vibration. And 2 of the rituals I use with clients. Test these babies out. Notice which oil in this post resonated with you. Then use it and let your body reap the rewards.



Click below to view the free eBook!

I summed all this up and MORE in this beautiful ebook you can access below. Just click the button and start flipping through.

4 Step Formula: How to Manifest a Miracle in 24 Hours

Set the intention and open yourself to receive a miracle by this time tomorrow.

The first time I tried this process I didn't receive my miracle until after I was in bed - talk about losing hope.

But the beautiful thing is this exercise really stretches you to look for miracles in your life - both "ordinary" miracles that you may be missing right now, as well as new miracles that you welcome into your life.

The process is simple and straightforward, and if you'll let it, it works every time.

So in keeping with that, I'm gonna keep this post short and sweet. Here you go - your formula for manifesting a miracle in the next 24 hours:

1. Get grounded

Breathe, tap into your intuition, and open your heart and body to receiving (this is a simple, but EXTREMELY important step - don't skip it!)

2. Set the intention

While in your grounded state, set the intention to manifest/receive a miracle. Say aloud the phrase, "a miracle will show up in my life by this time tomorrow...". Feel it, and BELIEVE it with your whole body, and let go of any preconceived notions about what your miracle "should" be.

3. Receive!

Miracles come from unexpected places, and they may be big or small. Never underestimate the power of even a small miracle - it could easily snowball into something life-changing.


Stay on the lookout for the FULL 24 hours. If you have an hour left to go but you haven't received anything, IT'S NOT TOO LATE (see my story below).


PAY ATTENTION. Your miracle could be something the Universe has been trying desperately to give you for a while that you keep pushing away. But remember, you're in a state of receiving. Accept your gift with gratitude!

The first time I did this my miracle was a phone call from my mother after I was already in bed, convinced my miracle wasn't going to show up. She was excited to tell me about a conversation she had had with another entrepreneur who told her of the #1 tool she used to grow her business. This was EXACTLY the boost I needed.

It was a miracle!

4. Write your miracle down

Acknowledgement and gratitude are two absolute essentials for manifesting miracles (and continuing to receive them!).

It's an excellent way for you to open yourself up to more and more miracles, opportunities, connections, and abundance.


When you write your miracle down you're telling the Universe that you are grateful and open to more. You're transforming your mindset, and deepening your trust with your intuition, as well as God and the Universe.

Here's to your miracle!

4 Day Zero to Zen Bootcamp: Expand Your Mindset, Connect to Your Body & Intuition, Step Into the Flow of Abundance



The key to expanding your mindset, connecting to your body & intuition, and stepping into the flow of abundance, is to find the things you enjoy and the structure and motivation to follow through.

The absolute best way I have found to do this?

Making time first thing in the morning.

As soon as you wake up, complete a few personal growth activities (journaling, meditating, exercising, etc.) and plan out your day. (For more ideas to mix and match so you can design your morning routine, check out this post.)

If you can wake up just 20 minutes early, you can find the time to do this. 20 minutes before your kids get up, before you have to start getting ready for work, before your responsibilities kick in and you're running all over the house like a mad woman.



My challenge to you is for each of the next 4 days - that's right, just 4 measly days - wake up 20 minutes earlier.

No matter how late you get to bed, no matter how much you toss and turn throughout the night, you will benefit so much more from doing these activities than from that extra 20 minutes. And if you can, stretch it! 30 minutes. Heck, maybe even an hour.

The more you practice, the easier it will become, and you'll see results that much faster. Just ask yourself, how badly do you want it? (Your awesomely amazing goals and dreams, that is.)

So here's your first assignment. Your orientation, if you will.

  1. Grab a whiteboard, a calendar, a journal, a piece of scratch paper, a chisel and stone, and make 4 boxes (to start - you can always do more later!).
  2. Put a check in them for each day you wake up at least 20 minutes early.

Remember, this time is flexible, but my suggestion for the best way to use it is by:

  • completing at least 1 personal growth activity
  • doing your activity for the day from this bootcamp you're in right now
  • and making a plan of attack for the rest of your day



  1. Wake up at least 20 minutes early every day for the next 4 days.
  2. Use that 20 minutes to complete 1 personal growth activity, your activity for the day from this bootcamp, and to create a plan for the day ahead.
  3. Make a note of which activities from this course you love, and which ones you think are only eh so you have a better idea of the things you'll want in your daily routine moving forward.


P.S. Make sure you grab the Packet so you can complete all of your daily exercises!



DAY 1:

  1. Download your Bootcamp Packet. (Click here or on the sample image above.) This Packet is set up chronologically so every day you will complete 1 or 2 of the pages.
  2. Go through the Make Space For A Positive Mindset Exercise. This exercise is all about setting the foundation for your success. When your body and mind are in a positive place, everything else - all your other goals and desires - fall into place so much more quickly and easily.
  3. Brainstorm and jot down at least 1 way you can work on improving each category in the "Let Go Of" column, and the "Make Space For" column in your Packet.



Negative Self Talk - Every time I catch myself thinking something negative about myself, my goals, etc. I will think of one positive thing about myself or recite one goal I have.

Limiting Beliefs - I will re-write 1 limiting belief every day. 

Today - Instead of "I don't have enough self-discipline," I'll think of one time I have followed through and rework that limiting belief so my new belief is "I have the personal power, self-love, self-trust, and self-respect to follow through with any goal or task I want to accomplish."


DAY 2:

  1. Complete the Manifest Your Desires And Ideals Exercise. All of the steps are listed within the exercise itself found in your Packet.


DAY 3:

  1. Look over the Hot Towel Scrub page and follow the instructions for the activity.
  2. Read the Meditation page and try 5 minutes of silent or guided meditation.


DAY 4:

  1. Complete at least 1 of the Top Three Positive Psychology Exercises.
  2. Check in with yourself. How do you feel? Have you noticed any positive (or even negative) differences in your thoughts, emotions, actions, opportunities, results, body, energy, etc. since you started?

Each of these activities are designed to put you in a more positive space, to raise your vibration and wealth mindset, and to help you connect to yourself - all of which will place you more and more directly in the flow of abundance and attract your desires to you like magnets.

And finally,

1. Remember to download your Packet so you can complete your daily exercises.

2. Make a commitment to yourself moving forward to continue the progress you've made (or will make) over these 4 days.

Keep waking up 20 or 30 minutes early so you can pack in some self-growth and expansion. Get clearer on your desires. Treat your body well. Makeover your mindset.

Success is simple. It's about stacking your day with positivity and productive habits. And it's about becoming the woman who has already achieved your desires. 


Be --> Do --> Have


So tell me, what's next for you?

29 Ideas to Design Your Perfect Morning Ritual


But you already knew that. Why else would you be here?

The thing to remember is that mornings set the tone for your entire day. But just as importantly, they can be an excellent time to fit in much-needed personal growth and self-care.

But here's the rub - they're also usually the most rushed part of the day.

In just a second you'll find 29 awesome ideas for routines and activities to mix and match so you can start creating your perfect (and productive!) morning routine. But first, here is my number 1 tip to get you maximizing your mornings in no time flat (so you can actually follow through with your activities, and wake up early & with intention).

You ready?



Just before you go to sleep, recite in your head or aloud an affirmation or statement for what your following morning will be like. Include things like: 

  • What time will you wake up?
  • How much sleep will you get?
  • How restful will that sleep be?
  • How will you feel when you hear your alarm in the morning?
  • What will you do first thing?

It sounds simple, but I'm tellin' ya it works! And it's SO easy. Why not give it a try?

Take just a minute to read through your affirmation, (maybe even keep it on your phone so you can look at it once you're all settled and ready to drift off). Believe me, if you do this with intention and belief, your morning will be productive and zen. Aaahhh.

Now with that tip out of the way, onto the ULTIMATE LIST OF IDEAS FOR YOUR PERFECT MORNING ROUTINE! (Was that energetic enough?)

Take what sounds helpful, enjoyable, productive, and overall amazing, mix and match, and create a routine that will knock your socks off.



In order for the rest of your activities to fall perfectly into place, you need to have time for them, am I right? But before you fret, let me assure you that the extra sleep you would have received is well worth the trade off.

And if you're really worried about it -

  • try to eat more clean, artificial ingredient-free, energizing foods (this alone knocked off a good two hours of the sleep my body used to crave),
  • try getting to bed 30 minutes earlier,
  • or try adding into your nighttime affirmation/statement that your body doesn't need that extra 30 minutes of sleep (My body feels perfectly rested and energized after a restful 7 1/2 hours of sleep)

You'll be amazed what this can do.



This is a really simple tip that is SO helpful when you're perhaps waking up a little earlier than you'd like. The effect is instant and powerful. 'Nuff said.



Whether it's pure water, warm water with lemon, or you're adding in some green powder or pure essential oils, it's important to re-hydrate after a night of sleep. Do it as soon as you get up!



Brushing your teeth first thing makes it more likely that waking up early will become a habit. Once this secondary behavior is automatic (get out of bed > brush teeth), the waking up part starts to fall into place. Plus it makes your mouth minty fresh.

Scraping your tongue is an Ayurvedic practice that is also extremely beneficial. It's great for reducing your cravings and eliminating bacteria.



This is a relaxing practice that helps your body flush out toxins. Just grab a washcloth, place it in hot water, wring it out, and start lightly scrubbing your body from feet to head. This practice also promotes a healthy relationship with your body and helps wake you up in the morning.



Another detoxifying activity. This is great to do right before your shower, so once all the toxins are brought to the surface, you can just rinse 'em right off. Simply take your washcloth and lightly stroke your limbs, always working upward toward your heart.



Pretty self-explanatory. There are SO many ways to meditate and they're ALL beneficial. Whether you do a guided meditation, a silent meditation, use a mantra, or just focus on a few deep breaths, go for it and watch the benefits roll in.



Another great way to start your morning. These routines can be done in as little as 5 minutes and are easy to memorize. Just learn a few key moves and you can practice your morning wake-up routine wherever you are.



Smoothies are great for breakfast for many reasons. They're nutritionally packed, they're easy to make and/or prepare ahead of time, they're easy to digest, and you can even take them on the go. Always add in some greens and you can feel fantastic about your breakfast!



I LOVE essential oils, and I use them every morning. I'll add a couple of drops of lemon or grapefruit into my water, put some peppermint on my wrists to help detoxify, or rub a protective blend on the bottoms of my girls' feet to help protect them against germs throughout the day. There are SO many ways to go, and so many beneficial oils.



A crisp walk around the block is all it takes to get your blood flowing. Take your dogs or your kids, or go by yourself for some quality self-care.



Visualization is an extremely powerful tool. You've always got a set of pictures running through your head, and the more you turn those pictures into something positive and affirming, the more your subconscious will work to turn those pictures your actual reality.

Of course the opposite is also true. If your pictures are negative and destructive, your mind reacts in the same way. Your subconscious calls the shots, and will work to make whatever you tell yourself true. So go for the positive, okay? Please?



This goes along the same lines as visualization. Along with images, you've got thoughts and words in your head. Turn them into something that works for you and propels you to the life of your dreams.



This is honestly a form of meditation and is a great way to connect to your spirituality. I take a few minutes to pray every morning. The benefits are incomparable.



Along with my prayer, I always read a little from my scriptures. (These are just ideas to get your mind turning. Do whatever works best for you.)



Whether it's some good ol' fashioned deep belly breathing, or some fancy schmancy breathing exercise, it's vital to connect with your breath. Your breath moves your body.



This is another Ayurvedic practice. But let me tell ya', their practices work! A few drops of oil in your nostrils will help clean the sinuses (so this is especially great if you struggle with allergies), as well as improve your voice, vision, and mental clarity. It's worth a try!



More Ayurvedic techniques for you! Oil pulling is excellent at clearing the bacteria out of your mouth and sinuses. Simply take a tablespoon of pure oil (olive, sesame, etc.) and swish it in your mouth for anywhere from 2-20 minutes. (I know that sounds like a lot - just start with 2 or 3.)

For an added benefit, slip a couple of drops of essential oil in, as well. And when you're done, spit the oil into the trash so it doesn't clog your sink. As nasty as it sounds, that oil will gather a surprising amount of bacteria and toxins.



I'm always amazed at the differences even a few paragraphs of journaling makes. Getting the thoughts out of your head and onto paper is SO therapeutic. Using a journal is great at helping you work through your feelings and understand what paths are best for you moving forward.


20. READ.

A few pages of an inspirational or motivational book every day goes far. After a year, you could have dozens of books under your belt! Imagine what you could do with all of that information. Heck, you could probably become an evil genius if you wanted. (DISCLAIMER: I don't recommend you become an evil genius.)



The morning is a great time to get clear. What are the most important things you need to do today? 

BONUS TIP: Sit back an listen for the answer. Tune into your intuition and let it guide you. Inspired action will get you a lot further a lot faster than just ticking things off a list.



I try to get my workout clothes on as soon as I get up. This doesn't mean I'll workout right away, but I can't get dressed until I do. (Yes, sometimes this means I stay in my workout clothes all day long.) Get up. Get dressed. Get moving.



I have to constantly remind myself to do this. I work from home so it's really easy for me to lounge around and look shlubby all day. But getting ready in an outfit that makes me feel confident is SO helpful. It sets the tone. And makes it a lot easier to run errands.



I personally use this separate from my morning elixir. A soothing cup of tea is something I love to have in hand once I sit at my desk and start sorting through my work. It's comforting, and if you do it right, can even aid in digestion, immunity, or other health concerns.



Wake up and get one thing in your home organized. Then take a step back and the look at how pretty it is. It's so nice to live in a beautiful, clean space for the rest of the day.



If I don't start to get my dishes under control right after breakfast, I'm doomed. They'll stack up for the rest of the day, and then when I look at them the next morning, it's too daunting of a task to want to quickly do before I get to work. Before I know it, Mount Dishmore is living in my kitchen.

Get your family involved and if you make this practice a consistent part of your morning routine, you'll never be scared of the dishes again.



Service is great for your spirit, your happiness, and your self-confidence. It doesn't have to be something big, just think of a way to surprise your husband or show your gratitude to your best friend.



A good, simple morning stretch can promote digestion and detoxification, and can lubricate your joints and organs. Just get on the floor and set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Listen to what your body needs and where it wants you to focus.



Connection is vital for your happiness and wellbeing. Again, don't get fancy, just text a friend or give your spouse an extra long hug. Tell your kids you love them before they go to school. Get creative and remember that the connections we have with our loved ones are one of the most beautiful parts of life.


That's it! There's my list. Again, pick and choose which routines resonate with you and create your most perfect and most productive morning routine. One that puts you right in the flow of abundance (intention and excitement will do that!) and which has you eager to jump out of bed every morning.


GET CREATIVE, HAVE FUN, live abundantly.

Enchant Your Life: 16 Simple Tips to Raise Your Vibration

I know there's never enough time in the day.

Luckily, a big part of my strategy for making life more joyful (and in so doing sending your vibration through the roof - joy is KEY) includes many of the things you're already doing. Just, you know, doing them a little better. ;)

You see, the way to make life joyful is to include the things you love, and to love the things you have to do.

It is totally and completely possible to fall in love with your life RIGHT NOW. True story. All you need to do is start sprinkling some boost of fun and joy throughout your day.

Look at the activities that make up your day. What are you doing because it’s absolutely essential, and what are you doing because you believe it’s absolutely essential?

Get rid of the activities that aren’t bringing you joy, and/or bringing you closer to your goals - even if you think they’re necessary, because there's a decent chance they're NOT. Take a closer look. Be completely intentional. And of course, find a way to love the things you have to do.


HERE ARE A FEW IDEAS TO BRING JOY TO YOUR DAY (AND TO those necessary activities):

Horizontal Post 24-03.png
Horizontal Post 24-11.png

Create Your Customized Dream Life Manifesto (Free Video Training & Workbook)

P.S. Remember to grab your free workbook to use as a guide when creating your Dream Life Manifesto.

I choose to be wealthy and successful and to use the power inside me to create incredible abundance.

I am worthy of abundance, connection, and love, so money flows to me easily and effortlessly. Plus, making money is easy for me. My bank account is always overflowing with tens of thousands of dollars (and building to millions of dollars quickly) and whatever I spend comes back to me multiplied.

I live in total abundance and I spend my money consciously and joyfully.  Money is an energetic part of the Universe that I am tapped into. Incredible opportunities are always opening up to me. I listen to my own intuition and show gratitude to the Universe for all of my amazing opportunities.

My vibration and my ability to earn and receive money is growing exponentially every single day. I create and receive $25,000 or more every month. And it’s easy!

I am in alignment with God and the Universe, and so money flow into my life easily and effortlessly.  I never have to stress about money. I have more than enough. I am living at a higher vibration, in the flow of abundance, being Divinely guided and in tune with my own intuition. 

Those are just a few snippets of my own personal Dream Life Manifesto. What do you think? You ready to create your own? 

Not quite yet? Try this on for size -

How would you feel about creating a Manifesto you can listen to every day that details your absolute DREAM LIFE? Designing your heart's wishes and desires from top to bottom, then just popping in some earbuds and sinking into your own voice. I'm talking YOU telling YOU about the dream life you're living NOW.

Then sitting back and watching the magic happen. 

But seriously - I mean MAGIC. I have literally seen far-reach items I lovingly put into my own manifesto become full-fledged reality. And I'm not gonna lie - it's pretty cool.

So here is a 30 minute training and workbook for your to get your Manifesto on.

Go crazy. Have fun. And live your dream life.



Download your FREE Workbook below to guide you in your Manifesto-creating-process - It'll be grrrrreat!

5 Steps to Clear Your Money Blocks For Good (Plus a BONUS Step to Attract Money Now)

(Be sure to grab the Full PDF Guide complete with a BONUS Step to Attract the Money You Desire NOW & My personal step-by-step daily wealth-consciousness routine I used to manifest $25,000 in less than 2 months.)

Have you ever felt stress or anxiety around money? Does it feel like money doesn’t come around often enough and then leaves WAY too quickly?  Do you feel like you have blocks around your ability to create, keep, and GROW your money?  Have you ever felt doubt or regret around the way you spend your money? Do you feel like your patterns and relationship with money show up in other areas of your life? Maybe in other relationships?

Well, guess what...


Do me a favor...Follow the 5 steps outlined below and be AMAZED at not only how you feel, but at what suddenly shows up in your life. And as you clear yourself of blocks, keep your eyes open for miracles. Look for solutions, opportunities, relief, and blessings. For more joy and ease. And...for more money!

Clearing money blocks is the key to unlocking miraculous wealth! So without further ado, the 5 Steps to Clearing Money Blocks For Good:

Step 1: Identify Your Money Beliefs

Your beliefs around money are quite possibly the BIGGEST blocks you’ll come up against. Your beliefs shape your actions and your REALITY. So they need to be in line! During this step I want you to answer one simple question. But first, go to a quiet place and set a timer for at least 10 uninterrupted minutes.

I’ll wait...

You ready? Good. Now answer the following question (and remember to write until the timer stops):



Pssstt...I found a system to manifest money QUICKLY (using a really FUN and surprisingly simple formula).  If you're interested, you can download the full PDF guide and get that Bonus step + my personal step-by-step daily wealth-consciousness routine.

>> Click here for the full guide <<


Step 2: Transform Your Money Beliefs

Once you’ve finished step one, you’ve got your list of limiting beliefs. It may look bleak, but I promise you this is an EXCELLENT start. Now’s where it gets fun. Take those beliefs, and flip ‘em around.

(This is a great starting list for step 2 of my personal Wealth-Consciousness Routine found on the full PDF Guide.)

Below is a list of beliefs I came up with when I first did this:


  • When money comes in it leaves quickly and I am not aware or aligned with where it goes
  • I only have the bare minimum of what I need
  • I cannot earn more than my parents
  • I have to work hard to earn my money
  • My bank account is never full
  • People won't want to pay me money, or will regret it when they do


  • I always make conscious decisions about the way I spend my money. I feel good about it afterwards and it always supports where it needs to
  • My vibration and my ability to earn and receive money is growing steadily
  • My parents gave me the knowledge and skills to help me earn what I desire and to bless them in return
  • When I am in alignment with God and the Universe, money flows easily and effortlessly
  • Because I spend my money consciously, I always have plenty
  • Now that I am living at a higher vibration, in the flow of abundance, being Divinely guided and in tune with my own intuition, I am attracting the people who are excited to pay me in order to receive what I have to offer - they know that I am the one to help them transform and grow in this moment

Step 3: Open Space to Receive

Forgiveness is the BEST place to start creating space. Whether you realize it or not, you have a need to forgive. (We all do.)

So come up with 3-5 people to start (and likely you’ll need to include yourself) and FORGIVE them. This is so incredibly freeing, and it DEMOLISHES blocks and gunk getting in the way of receiving abundance.

Note: ESPECIALLY include people with whom you have relationships you feel mirror your relationship with money. And if you’re not sure how to forgive, the easiest thing to do is simply picture them in your mind, and say aloud, “I love you, I forgive you, I’m sorry.” Bingo. Well, don’t actually say “bingo.”


Step 4: Create Your Wealth Mindset

Your success is AT LEAST 80% mindset. So you should be working on cultivating a wealth mindset every single day. There are MANY ways to do this. Work through limiting beliefs, forgive, read great books, listen to inspiring talks or podcasts, spend time with high-vibrational people or high-earners (those usually go hand-in-hand), meditate and get in tune with your intuition, get super clear on your desires and picture them as if they’re already true, the list goes on.

So pick your poison. That was a really bad metaphor. Pick your superfood juice. That’s more like it. I’ve provided a sample routine (one that I frequently follow) on full PDF Guide to give you an example.


Step 5: Live Your Dream Life NOW

To create wealth and heal your relationship with money, your life needs to be balanced and FUN. It should be enjoyable! And you don't need to wait until you have money to create that fun and play. In fact, if you do, you’ll probably never have the money you want. Become the happy, successful woman and the happiness and success will find you.

Here are some ideas in some of the most important areas to get you started:

 Self-love: (BONUS: practicing self-love is an excellent way to connect to your feminine energy) try a relaxing bath, massage, lighting some beautiful candles while reading a good book, yoga, or meditation

• Fun: An incredibly powerful way to open yourself up to money is to reconnect to the playful version of yourself as a child. So ask yourself, What would create loads of fun and joy in your life? Try a game night with friends, a movie with your husband, playing tag with your kids, going for a hike, hitting an amusement park, or an activity you used to LOVE but haven’t done for a while

• Inspiration: Get motivated! Read biographies of women who have successfully achieved your goals, create a vision board, or listen to an inspiring Ted talk




5 Steps to Clearing Money Blocks For Good (Plus a BONUS Step to Attract the Money You Desire NOW)