Private 60 Minute Intensive + VIP Bonuses

During these 60 minutes we'll work together to narrow in on your specific health or weight loss goals, identify your unique strengths and areas of difficulty, and create a customized plan of action for you moving forward.

We'll also uncover & release your specific emotional blocks and limiting beliefs - this step is crucial in order to create ease and lightness in your body & stop it from fighting against resistance or flawed subconscious beliefs so you can lose weight and fall in love with your body.



  • Welcome Packet

    • So I can get to know you and your history, struggles, goals, and concerns, so when we meet for our intensive I am prepared to provide you with customized support.

  • Detailed Post-Session Notes

    • Including a recap of what we covered (and what we released), highlights from the session of what you should be focusing on, and an action plan for moving forward.
  • BONUS: End Emotional Eating Toolkit

    • This toolkit will help you understand where your emotional eating comes from and how to stop it dead in its tracks.
  • BONUS: 12 Week Weight Loss Blueprint

    • When I work 1-on-1 with clients we focus on 1 or 2 joyful and effective activities they can implement each week for massive results. I've compiled a sample Blueprint of what that might look like, including specific activities, what they can do for you, tips for incorporating them into your routine, and how to turn them into habits.

  • VIP BONUS: Balance Your Body With Essential Oils

    • I have had AMAZING experiences using essential oils. From boosting energy, to suppressing cravings, to healing my paralyzing shyness and fear of being heard. This guide comes with TONS of different ideas and suggested uses, including detoxifying your body and balancing your chakras.
  • VIP BONUS: Extra 20 minute Emotion Code Session

    • A bonus 20 minute Emotion Code Session, where we’ll have the chance to identify and release even more of your blocks and limiting beliefs.