After I married my husband and started building my family (2 perfect girls and 2 cute dogs) I could NOT figure out how to create money.


I had big dreams, HUGE dreams in my heart. Dreams that lit my soul on fire and motivated me every hour of every day. But I just couldn’t create the abundance I felt I needed to, you know, actually live out those dreams.

This resulted in unbelievable frustration, discouragement, and pain.

In fact, I couldn’t even figure out how to keep my head above water. I grew up with a very successful mother. She had built and sold her own company for tens of millions of dollars. So I figured I must have it made, right? The genes spoke for themselves!

But that’s not how it played out. After getting married, I kept thinking success was right around the corner. I had seen what it looked like, now I just needed to create it for myself. I made plans and kept expecting miracles. If it didn’t happen this month, the money would show up next month…or maybe next year…wait, where was it?

It wasn’t until I started my own business and was forced to do some SERIOUS work on myself - my mindset, patterns, blocks, and beliefs - that I realized I was actually keeping money and success away. Full on repelling it, in fact.


Through my work, I realized that I had beliefs such as:

  • I can't be more successful than my parents
  • Being visible is ultimate pain (kind of a tricky one when you’re trying to build a business)
  • I’m not worthy enough, experienced enough, or valuable enough to create or receive money
  • If money comes in, it leaves quickly
  • It’s not safe to be wealthy
  • My husband should be the one making the money

And that’s just scratching the surface!

My money patterns were reflected in my relationship with my father and with my husband. And my blocks and beliefs kept me from living in my feminine power and speaking my truth.

But the good news is, gaining awareness around my beliefs, my trapped emotions, and my heart-walls, and then systematically working through them, started IMMEDIATELY opening me up to love, joy, connection, excitement, money, play, adventure, and success. Suddenly my dream life was NOW.

Now I’ve learned how to heal my relationship with money (although it’s a continuing process), and I’ve learned how to EASILY create and manifest the success and money I want and need.

This year, that's included trips to Paris, Spain, and Maui. Now what can I help YOU manifest?

Are you ready to create the abundance you deserve?

I am SO passionate about helping women embrace their playful, beautiful femininity and step back into their true self - the version of them that has become lost or covered under layers of limiting beliefs and emotional baggage. That girl who believed that anything was possible and who KNEW she deserved to live her dreams.

I know that living out your dreams requires joyful money, and I’m committed to helping you get there. I believe that you are not only WORTHY of abundance, but completely capable of creating and receiving it WITHOUT frustration, stress, or endless hours of exhausting work.

I help my clients find their playful side, heal and release emotional and energetic blocks and heart-walls for deep breakthroughs, and connect to their feminine intuition to create incredible MONEY.

If that sounds like something you’re up for, check out the free Guide, 5 Steps to Clearing Money Blocks For Good (Plus a BONUS Step to Attract Money NOW) below and get started right now! Don’t waste another minute, gorgeous!