Hey, you. First off, I want you to get excited. Because now that you know what you're up against - what's been blocking you - you can finally release that block and level up.


Based on your answers to the Assessment, I've been able to conclude that you have:

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an Intuition Heart-Wall

But what does this mean? Check out your results below...


As you work to build your business or move forward in your life, you constantly come up against confusion and frustration. You just can’t seem to figure out what next steps to take. You’re always second guessing yourself, getting stuck in your own head, and it’s a never-ending struggle. This gets in the way of achieving your goals and creating abundance for yourself. 


You consistently feel stuck and hit blocks or plateaus. You are insecure about your ideas and you struggle to feel vibrant and fluid in your life. You struggle to create things that capture who you are and to express yourself. This manifests in your ability to solve problems and come up with solutions - whether it’s a small decision like where to go for lunch, or a big decision like what  Your work and actions usually feel stale, surface level, or inauthentic. And this gets in the way of achieving your goals and creating abundance for yourself.

The good news? There’s a reason!

Because of past experiences, you have created a wall around your heart to protect yourself. And it’s making it difficult for you to move forward, to achieve your goals, and to create excitement and abundance for yourself.

But hey, your body’s just trying to take care of you! Unfortunately, in doing so, it’s actually making things more difficult.


Here are a few next steps to consider:

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I LOOOOVE meditation. It's one of my favorite tools. And when you use it with intention, it's pure magic.


Here are 2 meditations/visualizations for you to try based on your heart-wall:

  1. Meditate while visualizing and feeling your heart in the most tangible and deepest way possible. What do you feel? What do you notice? That feeling is your intuition. And it will provide you with the clarity you crave. Practice this every day until it becomes second nature and you can look to that feeling when making your decisions. That familiar emotion will guide you to the right opportunities.
  2. Meditate while visualizing your creativity. This may take some practice, but stick with it. Notice what color your creativity is. What shape. What emotions are associated with it. Get crazy familiar with your creativity. As you do so, you’ll be extracting it from behind your walls.

Energetic and emotional release literally opens you up to expand and to receive your desires


Try this DIY energetic release to clear your specific heart-wall:

STEP ONE: Make a list of the times in your life you’ve struggle to expand. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • times you have felt frustration, indecisiveness, and confusion in your life
  • times you have felt stuck or uncomfortable in your life
  • times when your creativity failed you
  • then you lost out on an opportunity or failed to be yourself

STEP TWO: When you have your list, go through each item and say the phrases, “I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, Thank you.” This is an energetic release of the blocks creating your wall.

STEP THREE: Put your list away (or throw it out), and keep a journal over the next week of shifts you notice as a result of this release.



Clearing heart-walls is one of my FAVORITE things to do with clients. I've found it to have some of the most tangible and immediate results.

I actually get excited when I find heart-walls in myself. But before you write me off as nuts, here's why.

When I find a heart-wall in myself, it's an ANSWER to my struggles. And I know there's a clear path to moving past my blocks. For example:

  • I would constantly get distracted and never follow through on my marketing plans. Guess what? I had a heart-wall. So I released it and booked 17 clients in one week.
  • I couldn't get myself to post on social media or do live videos. Guess what? I had a heart-wall. So I released it and did a 5-Day Livestream challenge for my audience.
  • I felt unbelievably uncomfortable at events even after a YEAR of being around the same women in my business program. Guess what? I had a heart-wall. So I released it and immediately started posting in our group and reaching out to these women I had spent the last year hiding from.

But those are just a couple of my examples. I've cleared heart-walls in my clients that have helped them make more money, book more clients, get clarity in their businesses, improve their relationships, and more.

So if you suspect you have a heart-wall (and I have yet to come across a client that doesn't) you may just want to consider scheduling a Heart-Wall Release.

During this 90 minute package (a 60 minute initial session + a 30 minute follow up), we'll identify 3-4 of your heart-walls and release them for good.

I'll do this by using muscle testing to find the trapped emotions creating your heart-wall, then release them one by one until the heart-wall is gone.

I honestly believe that this service can benefit any woman. And I love to see what shifts take place after clearing the heart-wall in my clients.