Release blocks & open yourself to abundance


If you're...

struggling (as in feel completely blocked and exhausted) to get your 1st or next client

feeling confusion, uncertainty, insecurity, or a lack of clarity in your business and how to move forward

feel like you've hit a wall or a plateau

are not making the money you desire...

You likely have imbalances IN your body, blocking you from the results and the success you crave.

A couple of years ago I attended an event with about twenty other women hosted by a local massage therapist.

During the presentation, the host demonstrated something called "The Body Code" that she used on her clients. She talked about how this healing modality worked to identify and release imbalances in the body.

All I can say was, I was very impressed. I watched as she used muscle testing and her own intuition to identify and release blocks in some of the women in the room. 

I wanted to learn more. So naturally, I took her card, went home, put it in a drawer, and forgot about the whole thing. 

Fast forward a few months. I had recently enrolled in a group coaching program in an effort to get my business off the ground. One of our first assignments was to start doing our own emotional decluttering. Our coach wanted us to begin the process of releasing our personal blocks and barriers to success.

It was at this point that I remembered the Body Code. I thought, "why do the hard work of figuring out what my blocks are and then trying to release them when I could just get someone else to do it for me?"

So I dug up the host's business card and scheduled an appointment.

The morning of the appointment I dressed and hopped in my car, not sure exactly what to expect. I nervously drove to the appointment and sat as she explained to me how it worked. And then I proceeded to have one of the coolest experiences of my life.

She narrowed in on my blocks and imbalances. On things that were keeping me stuck in my business, that were blocking me from abundance, that were causing my lower back pain! Emotions I was dealing with, pain she couldn't know I had, and blocks that had been passed onto me through my family.

After my appointment ended I promptly drove back home, walked through my house, sat at my computer, and enrolled into the certification program to become a Body Code Practitioner myself. I KNEW this was something I needed to include in my business.


Because I knew the incredible potential it had to help women like me.

And you know what? It does.


I've had clients who have struggled to land their first or next client for MONTHS. But when we are able to clear imbalances in their body - blocks creating a wall between them and their desires - within days they've booked their first or next client. This hasn't just happened once.

In fact, this is exactly what happened to me! I booked my first client days after a body code session where we worked specifically on clearing imbalances around, you guessed it, booking clients.

Or there's Amy, who doubled her monthly income the week after her first body code session.

Or Morgan, who gained clarity on her message and vision after sitting in confusion and uncertainty for months.

Or Jamie, who was feeding her kids rice and beans when we met. And after 30 days of working together, she had met her goal of manifesting $6,000.

We put up blocks that stop us from reaching our goals. And it's only once we clear the imbalances creating those blocks, that the magic happens.


Christin Testimonial.jpg
“Shirsten helped me to cure some MAJOR money blocks. With her help I managed to manifest 2 new premium clients who paid in full - that means I made 10k in a day. It was finally possible to leave some old beliefs behind and make space for more abundance, joy and love in my business and life. I am so grateful for her support and guidance. She healed my money soul and opened my eyes to my own abilities!”
— Christin Biergans, Holistic Business, Life and Success Mentor



We know from quantum physics that everything in the universe is built of energy, including the house you live in, your body, your thoughts, and the emotions you feel, imbalances, misalignments, and energies in your body.

When you feel a particularly strong emotion, harmful emotional energies at that frequency can literally become "trapped" in your body, causing imbalance and contributing to things like anxiety, depression, physical pain, feeling disconnected from others, disease, difficulty reaching goals, etc.

When this is the case, it seems like you’re constantly paddling upstream and fighting against your own baggage & beliefs. Ugh. I don't know about you, but in my experience that can be pretty exhausting, discouraging, painful, get the picture.

With The Body Code, a revolutionary approach to healing created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, we have the ability to access your subconscious (95% of your brain - that's a big number!) using simple muscle testing (the same theory behind lie detectors) to locate and release those trapped emotions - as well as other energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, or imbalances - and bring your body into a state of balance and alignment. Hooray!

In that alignment and heightened vibration, achieving goals and attracting abundance becomes infinitely easier.

“The Body Code is awesome. I sat there, jaw literally dropped, as Shirsten picked up on things I was dealing with that I hadn’t even mentioned to her yet! I really built trust with her, thanks to her coaching expertise, open & friendly personality, and Body Code efficacy. Even after just our first session together, I saw so many changes in my business. (signing my first client after having none for six months, having the energy to finally get my website completely redone (on my own!!), and generally feeling so much better about myself and my life!) Thanks so much, Shirsten!”
— Yuki Graviet Knapp, Life Coach for Millenials

And a story to demonstrate the tangible power of energy and what happens when we release blocks:


A couple of years ago, when I was just starting my business, I was dealing with a lot of pain involving my mom. I had always enjoyed a close and loving relationship with her, had leaned on her, and had relied on her support and knowledge.

But I just could NOT seem to get her interested in my business no matter how hard I tried. And it hurt. This was the biggest thing going on in my life, and I felt completely alone and disconnected.

Then something amazing happened. I came across an energetic/emotional release exercise (this was pre-Body Code - and the Body Code is even more effective). In this exercise, you were supposed to list out your grievances, and then go through each item, one by one, and say the phrases, "I love you, I'm sorry, I forgive you, Thank you" aloud.

Lo and behold, most of the grievances on my list had to do with my mother. So I went through and energetically released each of them.

The very next day I had a knock on my door. When I opened it, my mom was standing there holding a stack of papers. (By the way, I hadn't said a peep to her about what I was dealing with - although I had cried to my husband several times.) She said that she had been thinking about me and my business and she had some information she thought might be helpful for me.

So I invited her in, and she spent the next 3 hours going through her papers, explaining the things she did to grow her own business, and discussing strategies for moving my business forward.

Umm, WHAT? After this experience it became more than obvious to me that my issues, were MY issues. For whatever reason, I had put up blocks and walls around MYSELF that were stopping my mom from reaching me. It was only once I release those that she could reach me.

And we all do it. With our businesses, our relationships, ourselves, and of course, with abundance.

Energy is physical. It's tangible. And when we release the blocks getting in our way, miracles happen.


“Shirsten was an invaluable asset for me to work through my money and energy blocks that were holding me back in my business. She genuinely wants her clients to succeed. I loved working with her and recommend her to anyone who is ready to take their life and business to the next level.”
— Lo Wentworth, Brand and Visibility Strategist, Public Speaker, and Podcaster
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The Intuitive Abundance Jumpstart

an 8 week mindset & energy release program designed to jumpstart your ability to manifest clients and abundance...the easy way.


The Intuitive Abundance Jumpstart is an 8 week program that includes:

Kickstart Orientation

Immediately after joining the program, you'll get access to targeted orientation materials. Including a Recommended Reading List and a Pre-Program Checklist to complete.

4 group coaching sessions

Every other week we'll hop on a group call and discuss all of the tools, strategies, and systems I've used to increase my business and abundance and help my clients do the same.

Each call will include a Q&A session where you'll get a chance to ask me anything you want!

4 Private 30 minute Body Code Sessions

We'll meet for a private 60 minute Body Code session every other week.

During these sessions I'll use the Body Code to release your biggest blocks and imbalances around abundance, self-worth, booking clients, and creating the success you deserve. We can follow my template for clearing abundance blocks or you can lead the session in a way that feels good to you.


Group Call Outlines

Week 1: Releasing Financial Blocks for Greater Ease & Abundance

  • Heart-walls - what they are, why they effect your ability to create money, and how to get rid of them
  • emotional AND physical decluttering for expanded wealth-consciousness - how to do it and how it effects your dollars (including case studies and specific strategies)
  • systems to MASTER your money for greater flow and less stress
  • aligning yourself to high financial vibrations by releasing deep-seeded financial fears and doubts
  • learning to recognize your blocks, limiting beliefs, and fears and eliminate them the minute they show up
  • my absolute favorite tool for recognizing & blasting through limiting beliefs when they surface

Week 3: MUST Have Rituals for Abundance

  • 3 non-negotiables to include in your morning ritual to set your day up for win after win
  • getting your chakras aligned in order to open yourself up to wealth
  • how to design YOUR daily rituals to be on your way to booking your first client
  • 2 must-have mindset tools for calling in clients and abundance
  • your mindset routine - what to include in it and why it will call in more money
  • my #1 tool for planning and organizing your days so you go to sleep at night proud and excited

WEEK 5: Master Money Making & Client Getting Actions

  • the top 2 biggest abundance killers - learn what is sabotaging your success and how to replace it with faith and CLIENTS
  • how to release the layers of fear & doubt and uncover the REAL you - the highest version of yourself who is playful, bold, unafraid, and unapologetic about living her dreams
  • tips & tricks for making powerful, fast, whole-body decisions you feel great about so that you are always moving your business and your bank account forward (excellent decision-making is one of the secrets of millionaires)
  • a simple formula for listening to your intuition and using it to KNOW your next steps and honor your DIVINELY GIVEN desires

WEEK 7: Supercharge Your Ability to Create Wealth

  • how to step into receiving mode every day and out of fear, plateaus, and self-sabotage
  • my favorite 5 minute trick for loving your money and watching it grow
  • high-powered visualization formulas for more clients and sales
  • designing your 90 day plan and aligning it with your desires and spirituality for continued success and increased abundance
  • tips for skyrocketing your wealth-consciousness and intensifying your manifesting skills

I wanted to make this program as much of a no-brainer as possible, so i've priced it at just $500. But here's the catch - it's only open to the first 8 women who sign up.

I want to keep this group program as intimate and effective as possible. As such, this program is for:

  • female entrepreneurs, coaches, or healers with a business in place, who are struggling to move forward and/or sign their first or next client
  • women who are committed to showing up on ALL of the group calls, asking questions, engaging, and transforming

  • ladies open to releasing their blocks in our one-on-one sessions

  • sisters ready to deepen their relationships with themselves and with God or higher power (this is the secret to achieving miracles in your life and business, and I'll be teaching simple ways to do it)

The program begins February 6, 2018


So if you're ready to start 2018 with a bang, and release your blocks around money and success, join us in The Intuitive Abundance Jumpstart.

“I have seen success in my own business start to unravel in ways I had never imagined. I have increased my client base by double since starting to work with Shirsten. Not only that, I have increased my self-esteem, self-respect, and self-empowerment in amazingly strong and phenomenal ways. I have started to re-write my life story and my money story for the best. I would recommend Shirsten to all the women in my life (and even the men). I see great value in all that Shirsten does and I will continue to work with her and grow and learn.”
— Amy Crosby

The number one thing I hear after a client's first body code session is that they feel lighter. And of course they do - we're literally opening up space in their bodies! Space for joy, play, opportunities and ABUNDANCE.

Of course, I also love receiving messages like this:

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