Heart-Wall Release

Release emotional walls blocking you from your most vibrant and abundant life

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Heart-walls are emotional walls that our bodies build to protect us after we have experienced heartbreak. These walls are constructed of "trapped emotions" from our past - emotions that were not properly processed and released.

The presence of a heart-wall creates energetic blocks between us and our desired reality.


Symptoms of a heart-wall:

  • feeling disconnected from your body or intuition
  • feeling disconnected from your desires
  • feeling disconnected from others
  • inability to stand up for yourself, your desires, or your truth
  • feeling stuck (especially when it comes to achieving goals
  • repeated negative patterns or emotions (with money, love, visibility, independence, etc.)

Heart-walls are one of the biggest money blockers.

Clearing your body of walls around your heart opens you up to greater abundance, joy, love, creativity, and opportunity. Using The Body Code, an emotional/energetic healing technique, I'll use muscle testing to identify and release the "trapped" emotions creating your heart-wall one by one until it is gone!

I have yet to come across a client without at least one heart-wall. (I have released 4 from myself!)

As an example, here are the heart-walls I have released from myself:

  1. my main heart-wall
  2. a heart-wall having to do with a specific relationship
  3. a heart-wall which surfaced when I was around people I wasn't comfortable with (it would cause me to shut down completely in most social situations)
  4. a heart-wall around visibility (I realized I had this one (and muscle tested to double check) when I literally could not force myself to do a Facebook live or post on Instagram!) 

Your 60 minute Heart-Wall Release includes:


Release of 3-4 heart-walls


Belief breakthrough as needed

Sometimes in order to clear an entire heart-wall, it is necessary to eliminate a limiting belief(s) that may be preventing your body from letting go

Full notes detailing what we release from your body/heart-wall

BONUS Essential Oil Assessment and Sample

Did you know that essential oils each have emotional properties associated with them?

I love to use muscle testing to identify the essential oil my client's bodies and spirits are most in need of (and it's often my client's favorite part of our sessions).

I'll do this for YOU as soon as you sign up (you don't have to wait until our call!) and then email you the details, including:

  1. which oil I muscle tested for your body
  2. what properties are associated with that oil
  3. PLUS I'll send you a sample of the oil so you can start using it to help clear your body of emotional toxins NOW

BONUS 30-minute follow-up for further heart-wall release

  1. In this follow-up session, we'll find and release other heart-walls you've uncovered. We can work on heart-walls specifically around money, self-worth, visibility, etc.
  2. you'll receive instructions on how to identify the best hidden heart-wall to release based on your personal goals



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Client Love

“The Emotion Code is awesome. I sat there, jaw literally dropped, as Shirsten picked up on things I was dealing with that I hadn’t even mentioned to her yet! I really built trust with her, thanks to her coaching expertise, open & friendly personality, and Emotion Code efficacy. Even after just our first session together, I saw so many changes in my business. (signing my FIRST CLIENT after having none for six months, having the energy to finally get my website completely redone (on my own!!), and generally feeling so much better about myself and my life!) Thanks so much, Shirsten!”
— Yuki Graviet Knapp, Life Coach for Millennials

“Shirsten helped me to cure some MAJOR money blocks. With her help I managed to manifest 2 new premium clients who paid in full - that means I made 10k in a day. It was finally possible to leave some old beliefs behind and make space for more abundance, joy and love in my business and life. I am so grateful for her support and guidance. She healed my money soul and opened my eyes to my own abilities!”
— Christin Biergans, Holistic Business, Life and Success Mentor

“I have seen success in my own business start to unravel in ways I had never imagined. I have increased my client base by DOUBLE since starting to work with Shirsten. Not only that, I have increased my self-esteem, self-respect, and self-empowerment in amazingly strong and phenomenal ways. I have started to re-write my life story and my money story for the best. I would recommend Shirsten to all the women in my life (and even the men). I see great value in all that Shirsten does and I will continue to work with her and grow and learn.”
— Amy Crosby

“Shirsten was an invaluable asset for me to work through my money and energy blocks that were holding me back in my business. She genuinely wants her clients to succeed. I loved working with her and recommend her to anyone who is ready to take their life and business to the next level.”
— Lo Wentworth, Brand and Visibility Strategist, Public Speaker, and Podcaster

Shirsten is an absolute gift! I loved every minute of connecting with her. If I had to sum up my time with her I would have to say progress. I had been stuck for many years in unhealthy patterns. Connecting with Shirsten helped empower me to look outside the box I was in and gain clarity. I’m so excited for my new trajectory and so thankful for the pull I’m feeling to live vibrantly. Thank you for inspiring and guiding me, friend!
— Jamie Danforth, doTERRA Consultant