Days 14-21: Move Your Body

Action Plan

Day 14:

  1. Download your Move Your Body Packet. (Click here or on the sample image above.) This packet is set up chronologically so every day you will complete a few pages.
  2. Read through the Is Your Body Craving Movement exercise. Consider each area (Think About What You Loved To Do As A Kid, Listen To Your Body, etc.) and use those to come up with 1 exercise that would be IDEAL for your body.

Day 15:

  1. Look over The Benefits of Exercise handout. Handwrite the 3 benefits that you are MOST excited and inspired by and put them in a place you will easily notice throughout the day.

Day 16-21:

Now it's time to see what awesome things exercise can do for YOU.

  1. Read the Exercise Progress Sheet. 
  2. Spend the next week (minus one day of rest) filling in the chart. Find out what exercise can really do for your body.
  3. Look back over the last 3 weeks. What positive changes have you made? What improvements have you noticed in your life as a result? Take 20 minutes or so to figure out which exercises and activities you liked the most and brainstorm how to continue incorporating them so your life will keep getting better and better!