First off, I want you to get excited.


How cool is that? So take a deep, grounding breath (so as to access your intuition more deeply), and dive in.

Based on your answers from the quiz I was able to place you as an Conscious Creator.

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Okay, I’m at a loss for words. The only thing that’s coming to mind is HECK YES!

You are a Conscious Creator. Do you have any idea the power you hold in your life? You can create whatever you want. Make your demands to the Universe and watch the miracles and opportunities come raining down on you. You’re a rare breed, indeed, and I want you to acknowledge that. Give yourself credit for the amazing steps you’ve taken to connect to your true self, your own inner wisdom and deep feminine creativity - your intuition. Not to mention the ways you’ve opened yourself to abundance.

But there’s always room to grow, no? That’s why you’re here! And you are definitely in the right place. I’ve got tons of tools and resources on this very page to help you continue honing your already awesome skills so you can have even more command and joy from your life.

I am so impressed that you’re taking the initiative to change your situation and your future. I have so much belief in the process if you’re willing to put in the work.

But first, why should you even worry about connecting to your intuition or stepping in the flow of abundance?

Maybe the answers to these questions seem obvious to you, just indulge me for a minute. You might learn something new...

Your intuition is your tool for success. It’s your secret weapon. Your internal guidance system. The thing that connects you to your true self and opens the way for joy, connection, opportunity, money, clients, and success. 

YOU are the one with the answers. Only you know what specific actions you need to take to reach your goals of abundance and a thriving business. And when you’re in tune with your intuition, those answers are right at your fingertips - often without you even needing to look for them. 

For example,

Say I was interested in manifesting an additional $1,000 in the next 30 days. But I had no clue how in the world I could make that happen. You could just hustle, sure. But even if the money did come that way, it would likely feel tense and unsatisfying.

On the other hand, imagine you were so aligned with your intuition (your internal guidance system) that you could just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask what action you needed to take next. What would be most in line with your goals? And what action would lead you there the fastest, easiest, and most joyfully?

I firmly believe that when you’re connected, the answers to these questions come up clearly. It might be an inkling to call up an acquaintance  or go visit a friend. Or maybe you’d get a hunch to claim a refund or ask about presenting at a local conference. And you would likely act on these whisperings without having any idea what might come of that action.

But if you’re really following your intuition, and you’ve clearly set an intention (in this case to manifest an extra $1,000), one way or another that money will come. You follow one breadcrumb after another until you’re guidance system has led you to your final destination.

How cool is that?

And what about the flow of abundance, what’s up with that? Well, I know from experience (from clients, from my own money story, from learning from mentors, and from just plain observing our society) that most people are closed off to abundance. They’ve got blocks, patterns, habits, and beliefs that get in their way and actually stop the natural flow of abundance from reaching them.

You see, most people are carrying around negative emotions associated with money and abundance. And those negative emotions can block us off from creating the type of income we desire.


  • Say you had trapped emotions of Resentment and Abandonment in your body because your mother made a lot of money and that kept her from spending time with you. It's going to be difficult to want to make your own money if you're still holding onto that!
  • Or maybe you have a trapped emotion of Indecisiveness from a time in your life when you really struggled to make an important decision. The frequency of that emotion may keep you from making the decisions necessary to move your business forward!
  • Or perhaps you have a trapped emotion of Failure or Rejection that keeps you scared and small.

I could keep going. And guess what, these are REAL examples from clients I've worked on!

So with that said, let’s get back to you.

Right now with your results I recommend you…do whatever you want! I’ve got tons of options here, and you already know that YOU are the one who knows what’s best for YOU. Take your pick. Go to the activities you feel most drawn to and let the magic happen. You reap what you sow, so follow your intuition, baby.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

Take steps to live more in your deep feminine creative energy (see below)

Meditate or “listen” for anywhere from 2 - 30+ minutes every. single. morning - this doesn’t have to mean forcing your brain to shut off. Just sit quietly and set the intention to connect to your intuition

Start moving toward what feels light, and away from what feels heavy. Become more aware of the decisions you make (everything from what you eat, to how you spend your time each hour, to what big projects you take on in your life) and ask yourself each time, “Does this feel light or heavy?” Your intuition will always try and steer you toward what feels light.

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Get more aware of your beliefs around money and abundance. What do you believe about people who have money? How does money make you feel (see below)? What sort of patterns do you notice in your life that are similar to your patterns around money? These are some good questions to get you started.

Start getting clear on why you want more abundance in your life. What will it mean for you? Your family? Your lifestyle?

Listen to meditations or guided visualizations around money or abundance. (My self-study course, Feminine & Free has several guided meditations/visualizations, but you can also find them from other sources around the internet.)


Now let’s move into some more of your answers.

One of the questions asked if you felt you were more in your feminine or masculine energy. Before I get into your answers, let me explain my reasoning for this question.

You’ll notice that I stuck “step more into your feminine energy” in the connecting to your intuition section above. If you struggle connecting to your intuition, one of the fastest ways to start getting more aligned is by sinking deeper into your feminine energy.

But what the heck does that even mean?

I remember the first time one of my mentors started talking about feminine and masculine energy. I had NO CLUE what in the world she meant by that, so I just brushed it off. But as I learned more and more I started believing more and more in the results that come from focusing on your different energies.

You probably gathered from the question a few things about feminine vs. masculine energy. Yin vs. yang is another way you may have heard it before. One is more fluid and light. The other more structured and strong. 

But here’s the important thing to remember - your feminine energy is where your intuitive creativity comes from.

It’s where you’ll connect to your intuition and be inspired toward your goals. So if you’re stuck mostly in your masculine energy (which is actually pretty common so don’t fret at all - you can still be an incredibly powerful woman if you’re living more in your masculine energy, but why not take it up a notch and step even more into your potential greatness?) you might be someone who tends to work really, really hard and still struggle to actually get anywhere.

So now that you know, let me give you a few ideas to strengthen either your feminine or masculine energy (or both!). Simply pay attention to which one you answered you tend to live more in, and focus on an idea or two from the opposite.  (i.e. if you answered you live more in your feminine energy, it might be helpful to get a little more organized and structured, so take an idea from the “If you want to step more into your masculine energy” column)


Make a list of feminine activities you LOVE and do them. Think salt baths, massages, yoga classes, reading, journaling, lighting candles or diffusing oils, taking walks, etc. 

Feminine adjectives: feminine (obviously), flowing, relaxing, calming, enjoyable, pleasurable, sweet, rejuvenating, fresh

Take steps to connect more deeply with your intuition (see above)

TAKE ACTION when you get hunches or nudges that you feel are coming from within you

Learn to listen to your body - where do you feel it when something in your life is out of alignment? The most common places are in:

      the head (like tension headaches or migraines that are often related to emotions or acting out of alignment with your desires/beliefs)

      the chest (you may feel uneasy or tight in your chest, or deal with a lot of heartburn, etc.)

      the gut (nausea, feeling unsettled, bloated, etc.)

When you notice yourself experiencing these sensations get in the habit of asking yourself what you may have done, thought, or experienced that caused the feeling.


Get organized - set up a calendar system that you love and start living by it. Realize that living by your calendar actually frees you, not constrains you. It ensures you never miss an important event or deadline and that even with your tasks, you still create time for play and connection (if you’re doing it right ;)).

When you have a project that needs to be completed, set a timer and hustle. Make sure it gets done in the time allotted (or that you give yourself several slots of time to complete it).

Start releasing the blocks that are keeping you from speaking your truth. Get clear on the beliefs that keep you timid or that cause you to revert to people-pleasing mode, and start releasing them so that you can stand up for yourself, create healthy boundaries, and get into reality about what you deserve and what is possible for you. 

How aligned do you feel with your desires and your intuition/highest or truest self?

Remember this question?

Your desires (and more importantly the motive behind your desires) fuel your actions. So if you fall into one of these categories:

  • you’re not really sure what your desires are
  • you’ve never thought much about them or even given yourself permission to have them
  • your desires are weak and not in line with the type of person you want to be or life you want to live... might be time for some brainstorming.

The other piece of the question had to do with your "truest self."

But what is your truest self?

I’m actually not going to get too far into this piece right now, because I don’t want to overload you (I do go into detail about your true self in my self-study course Feminine & Free). But let me just say this: when you’re living your life as your truest self, play, joy, fun, excitement, love, connection, success, and opportunity very naturally follow.

2 more things…

Firstly, if you answered that you usually feel negative and/or stressed about money, I suggest this quick activity:

  1. Write down all of the emotions that come up for you around money. Any and everything. From the deepest and darkest to the kind of “meh.”
  2. Then, on the opposite side of the page, write down all of the emotions you desire to feel around money.
  3. Choose 1 emotion from your positive list each day, and do something that makes you feel it (even if it’s simply visualizing the emotion in your body).
  4. Start catching yourself if you feel the negative emotions you wrote down when money comes up. Then go to your list and pick a positive emotion to focus on instead. Since you’ve been practicing becoming more familiar with how those emotions feel, it will be easier and easier for you to physically switch the emotion in your body. This will actually train your body to feel differently about money!

If you answered that you usually feel positive and/or excited about the activity anyway! There’s always room to improve. And those feel-good emotions will help you manifest more positivity and opportunities into your life in an overall sense.

And secondly, let’s examine your answer to the question, "Do you feel like you have ability (now or the potential to develop the ability) to manifest abundance into your life?"

  • If you said no, ask yourself why. And then I recommend journaling. Just journal until you get what you need and you discover the true block or belief that is preventing you from believing in yourself and your abilities. I guarantee there are some deep-seated beliefs about money or self-worth in there.
  • If you said yes, then congratulations! Take a moment to celebrate yourself. I mean it, really take even 20 or 30 seconds and acknowledge yourself for being willing to step up and say, “YES! I totally can do this.” Celebrating yourself and your wins along the way is vitally important for ongoing success. So get into the habit now. You’ll be glad you did.

So, what's your next step?

Below is a video where I break down my secret daily ritual I use for massive growth. This is what I do with my clients, and it's pretty much my favorite thing EVER (Hint: it has to do with trapped emotions). I think you're gonna love it. Prepare to have your mind blown.