Release blocks & open yourself to abundance


If you're...

struggling (as in feel completely blocked and exhausted) to get your 1st or next client

feeling confusion, uncertainty, insecurity, or a lack of clarity in your business and how to move forward

feel like you've hit a wall or a plateau

are not making the money you desire...

You likely have imbalances IN your body, blocking you from the results and the success you crave.

A couple of years ago I attended an event with about twenty other women hosted by a local massage therapist.

During the presentation, the host demonstrated something called "The Body Code" that she used on her clients. She talked about how this healing modality worked to identify and release imbalances in the body.

All I can say was, I was very impressed. I watched as she used muscle testing and her own intuition to identify and release blocks in some of the women in the room. 

I wanted to learn more. So naturally, I took her card, went home, put it in a drawer, and forgot about the whole thing. 

Fast forward a few months. I had recently enrolled in a group coaching program in an effort to get my business off the ground. One of our first assignments was to start doing our own emotional decluttering. Our coach wanted us to begin the process of releasing our personal blocks and barriers to success.

It was at this point that I remembered the Body Code. I thought, "why do the hard work of figuring out what my blocks are and then trying to release them when I could just get someone else to do it for me?"

So I dug up the host's business card and scheduled an appointment.

The morning of the appointment I dressed and hopped in my car, not sure exactly what to expect. I nervously drove to the appointment and sat as she explained to me how it worked. And then I proceeded to have one of the coolest experiences of my life.

She narrowed in on my blocks and imbalances. On things that were keeping me stuck in my business, that were blocking me from abundance, that were causing my lower back pain! Emotions I was dealing with, pain she couldn't know I had, and blocks that had been passed onto me through my family.

After my appointment ended I promptly drove back home, walked through my house, sat at my computer, and enrolled into the certification program to become a Body Code Practitioner myself. I KNEW this was something I needed to include in my business.


Because I knew the incredible potential it had to help women like me.

And you know what? It does.


I've had clients who have struggled to land their first or next client for MONTHS. But when we are able to clear imbalances in their body - blocks creating a wall between them and their desires - within days they've booked their first or next client. This hasn't just happened once.

In fact, this is exactly what happened to me! I booked my first client days after a body code session where we worked specifically on clearing imbalances around, you guessed it, booking clients.

Or there's Amy, who doubled her monthly income the week after her first body code session.

Or Morgan, who gained clarity on her message and vision after sitting in confusion and uncertainty for months.

Or Jamie, who was feeding her kids rice and beans when we met. And after 30 days of working together, she had met her goal of manifesting $6,000.

We put up blocks that stop us from reaching our goals. And it's only once we clear the imbalances creating those blocks, that the magic happens.


Christin Testimonial.jpg
“Shirsten helped me to cure some MAJOR money blocks. With her help I managed to manifest 2 new premium clients who paid in full - that means I made 10k in a day. It was finally possible to leave some old beliefs behind and make space for more abundance, joy and love in my business and life. I am so grateful for her support and guidance. She healed my money soul and opened my eyes to my own abilities!”
— Christin Biergans, Holistic Business, Life and Success Mentor