If you've never heard of The Emotion Code or done any energy work before now, you're in for a treat. (And I don't say that lightly.)

Let me help you get a sense of what this can do:

Through my own energy and Emotion Code work I have been able to:

  • gain focus & confidence
  • ease emotional eating
  • become more patient and loving with my children
  • ease my anxiety
  • open myself to more abundance
  • feel more present and joyful every day
  • wake up earlier and more energized
  • completely eliminate my crippling lower back pain
  • ease my allergies (to the point that I haven't experienced them in a year)
  • help my girls with anxieties around bedtime, bath time, and other struggles
  • fall in love with my body
  • get clear on my goals

To name a few.

And with my clients, the reach spans way beyond that! Together we've worked on things like anxiety, ADHD, hip neck or back pain, emotional eating & cravings, weight loss blocks, feeling disconnected, bladder and gallbladder issues, misalignments, stress, overwhelm, abundance blocks, and difficulty reaching goals.


Working with Shirsten and the Emotion Code has helped my health for the better! She’s helped me release emotions that had been causing me foot and shoulder pain, as well as balancing parts of my body that brought my out-of-control hunger craving back into balance and I’ve now lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks! This was SO encouraging because I had been stuck for months at one weight despite eating well and exercising. I know it was the Emotion Code that did this because I changed nothing else in what I was doing, and saw healing/results anyway!
— Veda Kaiser, Illinois


We know from quantum physics that everything in the universe is built of energy, including the house you live in, your body, your thoughts, and...the emotions you feel. When you feel a particularly strong emotion, harmful emotional energies at that frequency can literally become "trapped" in your body, causing imbalance and contributing to things like anxiety, depression, physical pain, feeling disconnected from others, disease, difficulty reaching goals, etc.

When this is the case, it seems like you’re constantly paddling upstream and fighting against your own baggage, beliefs, and body. Ugh. I don't know about you, but in my experience that can be pretty exhausting, discouraging, painful, horrendous, you get the picture.

With The Emotion Code, a revolutionary approach to healing, we have the ability to access your subconscious (95% of your brain - that's a big number!) using simple muscle testing (the same theory behind lie detectors) to locate and release those trapped emotions, as well as other energetic blocks or limiting beliefs, and bring your body into a state of harmony and balance. Hooray!

You won't believe how light you'll feel once you clear, correct, and release these harmful imbalances from your body.

If you think this work may benefit you, schedule your session below! Together we'll get clear on what it is you want to work on, and begin immediately identifying and releasing the blocks causing the pain or difficulties.



Note: This is only for first-time clients and there are a limited number of space available for these free sessions each month.

Shirsten is so pleasant to work with. She brings a sense of peace that immediately puts you at ease. You really get the sense that she genuinely cares about you and wants to help improve your life in any way she can.

She has been very flexible in working with both my and my daughter’s schedules. We have had noticeable changes in our anxiety levels, in less than a handful of sessions with Shirsten. The two biggest changes I’ve noticed is that I have much more patience with my family. I am totally calm in situations that would previously have pushed me over the edge. I’ve noticed this over and over again since working with Shirsten. Not just a single instance.

I’ve also noticed a significant improvement in my relationship with my daughter (who has also worked with her). There used to be much tension at times with us. Now we laugh together and get along in so many situations, that previously caused friction and fighting. My daughter is doing better in school as well. She is more helpful around the house. It’s been so wonderful. Thanks Shirsten!
— Kimmy Holman, Utah



Releasing your trapped emotions and other blocks is only one half of the equation. Once they're gone, we want to take advantage of the ease your body will be stepping into and figure out the quickest & easiest path towards reaching your goals! 

Let's work together to get crystal clear on your deep desires, dream goals, and core struggles so we can release the emotions and baggage from your past getting in the way and create a plan that will actually work.

Ease physical & emotional pain caused by your past.

Accomplish your goals by eliminating imbalance & resistance from your body.

And get ready to watch your life transform.

1 X 30 Minute Session - $65

4 X 30 Minute Sessions - $215 (4 for the price of 3)