4 Day Zero to Zen Bootcamp: Expand Your Mindset, Connect to Your Body & Intuition, Step Into the Flow of Abundance



The key to expanding your mindset, connecting to your body & intuition, and stepping into the flow of abundance, is to find the things you enjoy and the structure and motivation to follow through.

The absolute best way I have found to do this?

Making time first thing in the morning.

As soon as you wake up, complete a few personal growth activities (journaling, meditating, exercising, etc.) and plan out your day. (For more ideas to mix and match so you can design your morning routine, check out this post.)

If you can wake up just 20 minutes early, you can find the time to do this. 20 minutes before your kids get up, before you have to start getting ready for work, before your responsibilities kick in and you're running all over the house like a mad woman.



My challenge to you is for each of the next 4 days - that's right, just 4 measly days - wake up 20 minutes earlier.

No matter how late you get to bed, no matter how much you toss and turn throughout the night, you will benefit so much more from doing these activities than from that extra 20 minutes. And if you can, stretch it! 30 minutes. Heck, maybe even an hour.

The more you practice, the easier it will become, and you'll see results that much faster. Just ask yourself, how badly do you want it? (Your awesomely amazing goals and dreams, that is.)

So here's your first assignment. Your orientation, if you will.

  1. Grab a whiteboard, a calendar, a journal, a piece of scratch paper, a chisel and stone, and make 4 boxes (to start - you can always do more later!).
  2. Put a check in them for each day you wake up at least 20 minutes early.

Remember, this time is flexible, but my suggestion for the best way to use it is by:

  • completing at least 1 personal growth activity
  • doing your activity for the day from this bootcamp you're in right now
  • and making a plan of attack for the rest of your day



  1. Wake up at least 20 minutes early every day for the next 4 days.
  2. Use that 20 minutes to complete 1 personal growth activity, your activity for the day from this bootcamp, and to create a plan for the day ahead.
  3. Make a note of which activities from this course you love, and which ones you think are only eh so you have a better idea of the things you'll want in your daily routine moving forward.


P.S. Make sure you grab the Packet so you can complete all of your daily exercises!



DAY 1:

  1. Download your Bootcamp Packet. (Click here or on the sample image above.) This Packet is set up chronologically so every day you will complete 1 or 2 of the pages.
  2. Go through the Make Space For A Positive Mindset Exercise. This exercise is all about setting the foundation for your success. When your body and mind are in a positive place, everything else - all your other goals and desires - fall into place so much more quickly and easily.
  3. Brainstorm and jot down at least 1 way you can work on improving each category in the "Let Go Of" column, and the "Make Space For" column in your Packet.



Negative Self Talk - Every time I catch myself thinking something negative about myself, my goals, etc. I will think of one positive thing about myself or recite one goal I have.

Limiting Beliefs - I will re-write 1 limiting belief every day. 

Today - Instead of "I don't have enough self-discipline," I'll think of one time I have followed through and rework that limiting belief so my new belief is "I have the personal power, self-love, self-trust, and self-respect to follow through with any goal or task I want to accomplish."


DAY 2:

  1. Complete the Manifest Your Desires And Ideals Exercise. All of the steps are listed within the exercise itself found in your Packet.


DAY 3:

  1. Look over the Hot Towel Scrub page and follow the instructions for the activity.
  2. Read the Meditation page and try 5 minutes of silent or guided meditation.


DAY 4:

  1. Complete at least 1 of the Top Three Positive Psychology Exercises.
  2. Check in with yourself. How do you feel? Have you noticed any positive (or even negative) differences in your thoughts, emotions, actions, opportunities, results, body, energy, etc. since you started?

Each of these activities are designed to put you in a more positive space, to raise your vibration and wealth mindset, and to help you connect to yourself - all of which will place you more and more directly in the flow of abundance and attract your desires to you like magnets.

And finally,

1. Remember to download your Packet so you can complete your daily exercises.

2. Make a commitment to yourself moving forward to continue the progress you've made (or will make) over these 4 days.

Keep waking up 20 or 30 minutes early so you can pack in some self-growth and expansion. Get clearer on your desires. Treat your body well. Makeover your mindset.

Success is simple. It's about stacking your day with positivity and productive habits. And it's about becoming the woman who has already achieved your desires. 


Be --> Do --> Have


So tell me, what's next for you?