4 Step Formula: How to Manifest a Miracle in 24 Hours

Set the intention and open yourself to receive a miracle by this time tomorrow.

The first time I tried this process I didn't receive my miracle until after I was in bed - talk about losing hope.

But the beautiful thing is this exercise really stretches you to look for miracles in your life - both "ordinary" miracles that you may be missing right now, as well as new miracles that you welcome into your life.

The process is simple and straightforward, and if you'll let it, it works every time.

So in keeping with that, I'm gonna keep this post short and sweet. Here you go - your formula for manifesting a miracle in the next 24 hours:

1. Get grounded

Breathe, tap into your intuition, and open your heart and body to receiving (this is a simple, but EXTREMELY important step - don't skip it!)

2. Set the intention

While in your grounded state, set the intention to manifest/receive a miracle. Say aloud the phrase, "a miracle will show up in my life by this time tomorrow...". Feel it, and BELIEVE it with your whole body, and let go of any preconceived notions about what your miracle "should" be.

3. Receive!

Miracles come from unexpected places, and they may be big or small. Never underestimate the power of even a small miracle - it could easily snowball into something life-changing.


Stay on the lookout for the FULL 24 hours. If you have an hour left to go but you haven't received anything, IT'S NOT TOO LATE (see my story below).


PAY ATTENTION. Your miracle could be something the Universe has been trying desperately to give you for a while that you keep pushing away. But remember, you're in a state of receiving. Accept your gift with gratitude!

The first time I did this my miracle was a phone call from my mother after I was already in bed, convinced my miracle wasn't going to show up. She was excited to tell me about a conversation she had had with another entrepreneur who told her of the #1 tool she used to grow her business. This was EXACTLY the boost I needed.

It was a miracle!

4. Write your miracle down

Acknowledgement and gratitude are two absolute essentials for manifesting miracles (and continuing to receive them!).

It's an excellent way for you to open yourself up to more and more miracles, opportunities, connections, and abundance.


When you write your miracle down you're telling the Universe that you are grateful and open to more. You're transforming your mindset, and deepening your trust with your intuition, as well as God and the Universe.

Here's to your miracle!