Enchant Your Life: 16 Simple Tips to Raise Your Vibration

I know there's never enough time in the day.

Luckily, a big part of my strategy for making life more joyful (and in so doing sending your vibration through the roof - joy is KEY) includes many of the things you're already doing. Just, you know, doing them a little better. ;)

You see, the way to make life joyful is to include the things you love, and to love the things you have to do.

It is totally and completely possible to fall in love with your life RIGHT NOW. True story. All you need to do is start sprinkling some boost of fun and joy throughout your day.

Look at the activities that make up your day. What are you doing because it’s absolutely essential, and what are you doing because you believe it’s absolutely essential?

Get rid of the activities that aren’t bringing you joy, and/or bringing you closer to your goals - even if you think they’re necessary, because there's a decent chance they're NOT. Take a closer look. Be completely intentional. And of course, find a way to love the things you have to do.


HERE ARE A FEW IDEAS TO BRING JOY TO YOUR DAY (AND TO those necessary activities):

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